Monday, January 5, 2009

There is always a project

George spends tons of time up in Maine on house projects - this time it was the huge project of taking all the doors off and planing and varnishing the bottoms of all the room and cabinet doors.

Living so close to the water makes the doors swell in the summer and they are a pain to close - this planing and varnishing will keep them closing smoothly.

Won't it be great when the kitchen gets a facelift!

In 2 years these old doors will turn 100 !!!

George and his many projects.

He also painted the inside of the closet - hence the painting shirt!

I do love the butler's pantry- the bead board in the back is great.

Behind this curtain is the remnants of a small sink- I would love to have it reinstalled - it would be so handy to have a bar sink in the butler's pantry - and a dishwasher too, of course!

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