Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's a 3 star Michelin Restaurant Like??

 In one word the answer is AWESOME!!!  George and I were lucky enough to get an opportunity to eat at Paul Bocuse's famous restaurant in Lyon, France L'Auberge du pont de Collonges.  We actually made the reservation only about 2 weeks in advance as we decided to stay a few days in Lyon after George's morning business appointment.  We took a cab for our 8pm reservations and pulled up to see the above picturesque restaurant complete with a doorman in red suit and cap!

We walked into this fabulous dining room and the fabulous evening was about to begin!

Paul Bocuse is the Julia Child of France. Actually, the father of Nouvelle Cuisine. A French treasure revered all over the world.

We were seated in the table next to the window - a premiere spot and although the restaurant was not full when we arrived it quickly filled to the max. Our table felt very private and not at all too close to others - which happens quite a bit in France.

We decided to go with the tasting menu to get a good variety of his specialties.  We went with the menu bourgeouis - the middle priced version of the menu. Good choice as this lobster was our fish course- an entire shelled lobster artistically arranged to recreate the lobster with fabulous remoulade sauce. We had already had some fabulous cheese gourgeres as a small starter and a wonderful trio of amuse bouche to start off our meal.

This fabulous fish course that George ordered had small "shells" made of potatoes that were perfectly crunchy and delicious.

As we got ready to order - Paul Bocuse himself came to our table to have a photo taken and just made our night! Spoke only French but what a treat to have a photo with the chef of France!!!!

George came around the table to get in on the photo! Chef Bocuse is 86 years old and made the rounds of all the tables speaking to everyone and getting photos taken with the lucky ones!

Our very serious waiter - Bruno- carving our Veal and kidney main entree for two- another delicious choice- as was everything at this fabulous restaurant.

Of course I had to run to the ladies room and caught a glimpse of the kitchen- I asked permission to take a picture. And of course it was no problem! This restaurant is all about making the guests feel at home! After I took this quick shot one of the chefs gave me a little wave!! So cute!  When we left the restaurant at 11pm every speck was cleaned up and the chefs had left for the night!

This had to be the highlight of the evening - the cheese course! What a tray!!! I had only room for 2 choices but you could have as much or as little as you wanted.  The Saint Marcellin was recommended by Bruno and it couldn't have been a better choice. Creamy smooth brie like but so much better- smoothed onto baguette it was out of this would - I had a big slice of the blue cheese as well- best ever! What a treat.

Here is one table of 2-3 that were brought over to show us the samples of desserts- have as much as you want was Bruno's suggestion! Too much for me - after a 7 plus course meal only one dessert was possible!

I had a sublime merengue with raspberries and vanilla sauce. Truly the best ending of the best meal we have ever had! The price was out of this world too but hey- you only live once! Thank you Paul Bocuse and the wonderful crew at L'Auberge de pont du Collonges.

A dinner of a lifetime!!!!