Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soakin' Mushroom Recipe!!!

It seems every time I want to make this side dish we can't find the recipe. We are usually either up in Maine- Lake Plaid somewhere other than DC.  My son GJ always says- Mom you should put all your recipes on the blog. He is right - easy access. So here goes - we will never be without this one again.

George had this first at a potluck at the Boeing Company in Saint Louis. He asked the women who made it for the recipe and we have been enjoying it ever since!!  Great with steak on the grill or a festive beef tenderloin.

                                                     Soakin' Mushrooms

4 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons sherry
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
1/2 lb mushroom caps. stems removed
1/2 cup whipping cream

Melt butter with sherry and garlic over medium flame in skillet. Add mushrooms and saute till mushrooms are lightly browned and butter is sizzling. Add whipping cream and stir to coat mushrooms. Turn up the flame and boil hard until sauce thickens. Cook to the consistency of a thin custard. Garnish and serve at once.

optional garnishes- parmesan cheese, parsley, green onions or pistachios.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Snow and Christmas

Looks like Santa was just about to head up the chimney!

Presents are all piled up around the tree!

Moira waits patiently at the top of the stairs!!!! Just like always.

Mo GJ and Kendra head down to see what Santa brought!!!

GJ is pretty happy about his new macbook!!!

Everyone checking out the haul!

Just thought I would peek out the door and see how the storm is brewing!!!

From the archway everything is white!!!

The wind was blowing badly and the snow was drifting - not really able to see what the total inches were- but they said we got about a foot!!!

Truly a winter shot!!! Even the wreath was snow covered - it really had to blow to get snow inside the porch!!!

Our OCEAN view!!!!   Can't see a thing down toward the beach!!! Quite a storm!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve in Maine

As the sun begins to set on Belfast- George is out in the cold hanging some bulbs on the tree in the circular driveway- he added a few lights too to make the house look more festive with the lack of snow- little did we know what would be coming later!!

The tree was begining to be decorated but we had to leave some decorations for the kids to do!

 My Santa collection grows each year!

I can't believe how the walls look since we took the wallpaper down and had the painting done! This is my silver area.

The tree lit up - no presents yet!

Big present to ourselves - gas logs in the living room and dining room fireplaces- love love love them!!! They throw off so much heat and the remote control makes it so simple!!! and no dust!!!!

The presents are building up! I haven't had the ceiling painted yet and I was in a dilemma about whether to paint the beams the same color as the woodwork throughout the house- right now they are ceiling white- so I am experimenting and having the painter do the ceiling a pure white and the beams the creamy white of all the woodwork- we shall see how it looks in the spring!!!

New Ralph Lauren tablecloth and napkins in blue look great with all the candle and the greenery. That bread doesn't look bad either!!!!

The spread of goodies for snacking!!!

Kendra got me a great bottle of my favorite Cakebread Cellars - Dressed in a sweater and hat!!!

GJ and Kendra about to start in on Ina Garten's Beef tenderloin recipe!!!! The sauce is to die for!!!

George - digging in!!!

Moira's favorite meal- and good night to all !!!!!