Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner at the Doyles!

Last night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner courtesy of Nick and Dee. Nick make a salt encrusted rock fish - reminiscent of our Spain trip. Accompanying the fish was couscous and salads- yummy! We started the meal by toasting with Russian vodka and caviar and watching the chefs perform in the kitchen! Such a fun night with a fun crowd- as usual!!!
                      Nick mixes the kosher salt with egg whites to make the crust.

           The catch of the day - rock fish from the markets on Maine Avenue.

                  Judy, Zip and Molly nibble before the meal.

                     Dee and George enjoy the festivities.

                Molly toasts to the New Year with the Russian vodka!

                               Nick and Dee relax while the fish is cooking.

                 Each couple shared a fish- taking the crust and parchment off was part of the fun!

               The fish platters on the table.

                          A toast to the Chef!!!

                                          He accepts all the accolades!!!

                       A delicious black forest concoction courtesy of the Zippins.

                                 Baklava from some of Dee's exotic friends.

              Relaxing after our meal- Zip looks like he might be really relaxing!!! zzzzz...

                    A fine evening was had by all...Thanks so much Doyles!!!!!


eyesofblue said...

sounds fabulous! I love how you post pictures to go with your blog postings. How do you do that?

MarciaSmith said...

Its easy - just go to your dashboard and when you are writing your post there is a little picture that says add image- then you can upload the image from your computer - or from the internet- good luck