Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Eve in Lake Placid NY

For the last couple of years we have spent New Year's Eve with my brother's family and friends in Lake Placid, NY at their gorgeous home on the lake. Moon Dance is just perfect for a big crowd and that is certainly what it holds!!! This year I think the smallest crowd for dinner was 9 adults and 11 kids! I know this since I am the chief cook- however I am never the bottle washer!!!! The rest of the crowd always does clean up! George is always the breakfast/short order cook. This year the big hit was his jalapeno hash. Yum.

Welcome to Moon Dance

Happy New Year girl, Anna.

Rich and Nora having fun.

Billy and Anna relaxing.

Kerry, Nora and Anna get ready to hit the slopes.

Rory, Sean and Chris get ready to go skiing.

All the kids frolic in the snow.

Not a great shot but at 11:40 all the alarms went off in the house- hence a visit from our local fire department. All the kids and dogs were sequestered in the cars outside while we waited for the fireman to give us the all clear! Luckily it was nothing - it was so cold outside that the alarms went off when we opened the door to the garage. We got back just in time to celebrate midnight NY eve!

Everyone celebrates.

The view the next morning from the back deck.

Not a great day to sit out here and enjoy the view!

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