Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Maine

Christmas in Maine was great this year- we had a white Christmas thanks to the blizzard a few days before. This first shot is of a Martha Stewart candy cane cocktail- I think it looks better than it tasted! Strawberry vodka, white creme de menthe , cranberry juice and crushed candy canes on the rim- A little too minty for me but very festive looking!

My Santa collection displayed in the Governor Winthrop desk in the foyer.

Our entrance with 2 of the three flexible flyers decorated for the holidays- they were the 3 sleds we used as kids - antiques now!!!

Quite a bit of snow as you can see. As a matter of fact you can barely see out of the upstairs bathroom window!!!

A lonely sled by the garage'

My snowmen - not nearly as many as my friend Katie!!

The mantle and our pathetic little stockings. Original though- more antiques.

The tree not quite finished - waiting for the kids to hang a few.

In the foyer - a few stars.

Some trees surround the mountains of Hawaii....

Our star luminaries for the driveway.

George lighting the luminaries.... You can barely see all the lights -

And to all a good night....................

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