Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this the same kid????

Couldn't resist posting these two pix of my adorable niece this summer - the first taken down in Martha's Vineyard - waiting somewhat patiently for dinner ... Very sporty- her normal everyday appearance!!!!!  So cute...

Could this possibly be the same kid???? A little girly hair bow and what a difference!!! She was definitely clowning around - not her usual style but soooo cute!!! Our Kerry !!! Always fun !!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

BBQ Bash

 The party a few weeks ago was such a blast- to start off the centerpieces matched the black and red checkerboard invitations that were sent out to hundreds of people!!!!

 The band began setting up in the early evening- the Audiostars are very well known in the Saratoga area and they really lived up to their hype!!!

 Linda- Mary's dear friend did an awesome job on this great flag cupcake display- a great tribute to the good ole USA!!!

 The Gray Girls- Joanne, Tracy and Anne- all found themselves in similar styles and colors that night!

 The Audio Stars rock out!

 George and I had such a great time talking and mingling with all the guests- over by the pool it was much quieter and easier to chat!

 Mary and her dear friends loved the dancing!!!!

 Light show!!! Great sounds!!!!

 Jim and Cindy cut quite a rug!!!

 My adorable husband flew up from DC to enjoy the bash!!!!

 Even our daughter Moira got into the act- grooving with "Mr O'Toole"!!!!!

 Kathy and the girls get down!!!!!

 Cousins love to have fun together!

 Sally, Keelin and the boys- love that Mom is doing bunny ears on Rory!!!

 The boys get a rare treat - on stage with the band!!

The girls are still enjoying themselves late into the night- we had such a fun night with hundreds of Mary and Rich's friends- great night in Saratoga Springs NY!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am spending some time up in New York as my brother and sister in law had a great party this past weekend! So much fun and so much work to get ready that we enlisted everyone to help!

They bid on a silent auction item a while back- cancer fundraiser- BBQ and band ! Of course they invited all their friends! These shots are a few we took as we got ready for the bash!


View from the porch down to the pool! You can see the port a potties being delivered in the back!

The tables all set up on the basketball court!


Looking up toward the house!

Tent all set up on the basketball court!  More posts to follow on the party - great fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A great refinisher is hard to find...

But We DID!!!
Both pieces we picked up at a fire sale where they even had a charred leg!!! Our new refinisher did such a fantastic job- I only wish I had taken pictures of the "before" !! Trust me it is a transformation!!! Now where should we end up putting these pieces - More on that later!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Favorite Blog

Quick- Easy and so much fun! I just quickly read through July and August and have culled a ton of cute ideas!!! What a fun blog!!!