Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tackling the Tree

Cutting down the tree every year has become harder and harder- Of course we have to have a huge tree- that is part of the problem and we aren't getting any younger- actually I do absolutly nothing! Except take pictures of George struggling!!! This year like last we drove to a Christmas tree farm in Hamden, Maine. Gorgeous woods and tons of snow this year. The start of the blizzard that was to come.

George always brings the measuring tape- as if it really mattered!

He may look happy here but later not so much!

Still measuring.......

I had this angle for the better part of an hour!!!!

Dragging it was no fun either......

Can you even see him??????? Don't worry I dragged it some too- It cost a whopping $25 !!!!! Some things are definitly cheaper in Maine! See later posts for finished product!!!!!

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