Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another year another bath redo

 A little dark and a lot old and ragged- wall paper peeling off the wall - mold and bad linoleum!  A master bath in desperate need of a makeover!

 A very old and original sink- and make do cabinets - also a border print - throwback from the 80's!

 The door to the closet inside the bathroom- never really used to it's capacity- shelves and storage for suitcases mostly- we could use this space for a larger bathroom- I would love it to be a desk and hair blowing area- George had other ideas! Large tub whirlpool and heat! His favorite thing!


 Yep great shelve - gotta go- lets make this room bigger!  Should be brighter too with an extra window shining right into the room.

Yep this is the last we will see of this moldy old tile!  And the horrible shower door - yuck! Glad to see it go! Even my cleaning guy is happy he doesn't have to attempt to clean it anymore!

So these are the pics our cleaning guy sent us - we haven't seen it totally done yet as we don't go up to Maine until May! Can't wait to get decorating!  You can see we took the wall and door to the storage room off- but we inserted a tub so not a whole lot of space left!  A little tight but George loves it and he's the one using it! Need to get some window treatments- I'm thinking of a Smith and Noble pull shade with fabric in gray tones. Need to get up there to measure and order!

View from the bathtub area- I am so pleased with the look - that shower is going to be great! Need a cover on the radiator and something to place towel or cosmetic bags on - will have to Homegoods for some decorating ideas!

 What a difference this walk in shower makes!!  A pleasure to shower in!  Beveled subway tile in carerra marble and carrera basketweave tiles floor! Pretty happy with the way it turned out!

The beadboard is came out beautifully - I am pleased with the gray Benjamin Moore paint in Wolf gray!

All in all a great redo - not easy with how long our contractor took but finally done! Now I just have to get up to Maine to get to do the finishing touches!! And enjoy a new bathroom!