Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes I remember I have a blog!!! BUT...

I have had an action packed summer- Guests galore!!! And that is the point of Lucky Stars!

 Just leaving this past Sunday were the Ahern Cousins!! 14 of them - and we had a ball - this has become an annual event and we look forward to all the fun and games!

 Just before the cousins arrived we had Mom and her friends! Just 2 friends this year and they only stayed for a few days but we did get to head out to Castine and have a great lunch at Dennert's Wharf!

One of our high points so far this summer was the gathering of the Navy clan- 3 couples all stationed together in 1989!!! So fun to see each other after all these years! We had a ball- great big neighborhood party on the 4th of July and many smaller parties as the weekend progressed! Hopefully this is the start of an annual event!

My sister and her friends came up for a quick weekend and of course LOBSTERS!! We had a great time with the group we have know since high school! What a great time to catch up!

Of course we have had GJ and Kendra visiting a couple of times this summer! Always great to see them!  We even got to meet the elusive Liz!! Kendra's best friend from college days! Hopefully they will be up many more times this summer!

 Our first guests this season was way back in June- Jean and Lorraine - friends for over 27 years came up together from Virgina Beach and Williamsburg! What a great Girls Week we had!! Such fun and great weather- we traveled to Acadia Bar Harbor and even hit Morse's Sauerkraut in Waldeboro! Jean even looked up her Mom's friend from years ago! All and all a great time!!!

So you can see why I have been a little lax in my postings!! I have been having too much fun! We still have many more guests to host- as a matter of fact I am off to the laundry right now!!! Gotta get those sheets done before the next couple arrives tomorrow !!! Welcome mid summer!!! Off to have some fun!!!