Monday, February 28, 2011

Round Table Discussion

 This is the round table before we had it refinished this winter.  It was delivered back to us this Christmas and it looks fabulous! Our next problem is how we will "decorate" the room- I have thought many books layered with an ever changing floral arrangement would look good. I really like the layered look - George thinks I "booby-trap" every space in the house!

This space in Oscar de la Renta's home is fabulous!  How about that for a layered table??? A bit overdone by my beach house standards but great none the less!!! Love the coral centerpiece!

 Another idea from Martha Stewart's Maine house - this is her great room or great hall- books scattered on the round table but how about those covered stools??? What a great idea - increasing seating and you can sit a spell while browsing - Don't think I would use the floor length tablecloth in our house - maybe a little too formal but who knows- Martha usually knows best!

The other change I am thinking of is getting rid of the Oriental carpet and adding a bound sisal rug-like here-

I think I would need a 9x12 or larger.  Need to measure the space and find someplace that could bind the rug with navy blue- that or leave it beige- Thoughts???

Can't wait for the Maine season and to get on with the projects! Hurry up Spring!