Friday, September 19, 2014

Bathroom make over!

It's time it's time!! We have a new bathroom! Can't really believe how great it came out and can't really believe how truly horrid the old bathroom was!!! I don't have too many photos of the before bathroom but take my word for it - horrid is the word!

Having a footed tub seemed so cool when we bought the house 9 summers ago- the leaking and the shower curtain sticking to your body soon made us regret the tub!!! Couldn't wait to put in a new walk in shower!

We gutted the bathroom straight to the inner walls.  The workers found an old medicine bottle in the walls! I want to frame it to hang on the walls!  The workers back in 1911 seemed to be imbibing in a little "medicine" or liquor during the workday!!

 Adding some insulation on the outside wall and making sure the leaks stop!! So smart to go right to the plumbing and redo! Will make the shower first rate.

 Mark the tile guy did a great job- subway on the walls and hexagon on the floor. We first had intended to put beveled subway on the wall but the tile store made an error - it would of added 2 weeks to the job so I settled for the plain subway- and I love the gray grout! Way better than white grout- that I learned to dislike in another bathroom! 

 Bead board up and looking swell! We did keep the original medicine cabinet! Paint needed but should be fine!

TA DA!!!! The reveal!   Went with "sea glasss" from Benjamin Moore on the walls - happy with that shade.  Did a pretty good match with accesories from TJ Maxx and Macy's towels! 

Great lighting and clean as a whistle - what a new bathroom brings to the house!! Love it - now on to the other bathrooms! Maybe this spring - next will be the master bath! Can't wait!