Friday, September 24, 2010

BBQ Bash

 The party a few weeks ago was such a blast- to start off the centerpieces matched the black and red checkerboard invitations that were sent out to hundreds of people!!!!

 The band began setting up in the early evening- the Audiostars are very well known in the Saratoga area and they really lived up to their hype!!!

 Linda- Mary's dear friend did an awesome job on this great flag cupcake display- a great tribute to the good ole USA!!!

 The Gray Girls- Joanne, Tracy and Anne- all found themselves in similar styles and colors that night!

 The Audio Stars rock out!

 George and I had such a great time talking and mingling with all the guests- over by the pool it was much quieter and easier to chat!

 Mary and her dear friends loved the dancing!!!!

 Light show!!! Great sounds!!!!

 Jim and Cindy cut quite a rug!!!

 My adorable husband flew up from DC to enjoy the bash!!!!

 Even our daughter Moira got into the act- grooving with "Mr O'Toole"!!!!!

 Kathy and the girls get down!!!!!

 Cousins love to have fun together!

 Sally, Keelin and the boys- love that Mom is doing bunny ears on Rory!!!

 The boys get a rare treat - on stage with the band!!

The girls are still enjoying themselves late into the night- we had such a fun night with hundreds of Mary and Rich's friends- great night in Saratoga Springs NY!!!!!


Tamara Jansen said...

Wow! What a super fun bash. You're just like my sisters.....if I need help with a party, they rush over and lend a hand. Gotta love that :)

Penny said...

It's obvious that the party was a hit! Great pictures.