Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity/and or Fear!!!

The crowds were enormous!!!  Very happy though and polite! We headed down to the mall right about when the rally started. The weather was fabulous and the signs hilarious!

Blue skies- American flags and fun people!

This is a great sign - especially for our friends with Iowa connections!!!  Funny!

Very good view from up a tree!!!


My all time favorite sign - lots of people were photographing him!!

Looks like two events became one- this was a float with a hip hop band on board- blasting music!!

 Now we did have the rally DVR'd at home so we could sneak over to Carmine's and have a drink and a late lunch- all the patrons in the bar were watching the rally on the numerous flat screens!!! We sat in the back and enjoyed some great chianti and yummy Italian food!!! Good way for 56 year old's to enjoy a rally on Washington !!

Thought Jon Stewart did a great job- fun show!!!

Heading back the throngs exited down 7th street- streams of people as far as the eye could see!!!!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My people!
I knew they were out there somewhere!

Penny said...

Sorry we missed it. Sounds like lots of sane people having fun.