Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Additons to the House..

We finally have incorporated a few new pieces in the living room- we moved the two wood rockers that no one ever sat on to another room and did a little Ikea shopping. We bought 4 Ikea Ektorp chairs-2 navy and 2 white for use downstairs and up! The navy ones look great in the living room with matching ottomans.  They should be a great addition especially for a reading corner. Looks great!


George did some antiquing down in DC this summer and got this great table for the foyer- looks great in the photo but don't look too close- we just called the refinisher and he will be taking it and making it look fabulous by Christmas! Love the look with an arrangement of flowers on it - Will look great all summer with fresh flowers!

The two rockers needed to go somewhere so they seemed to look best in the large upstairs guest room with the newly refinished small table between them- The wood looks great in that room and even if guests just end up throwing there clothes over them they will serve a purpose!

The white chairs were for the our master bedroom- we had an old love seat - beige - in that space and it never really fit properly- plus it wasn't the right colors for that room. We bought two chairs but when George opened the boxes he realized there were two right arms in the same box! I thought it would be a major problem- but luckily the customer service department at Ikea is sending out a left arm within 7-10 days- Hopefully it will be an easy fix!

We just got one ottoman for upstairs - thought we could share - since there is not as much space upstairs next to the bed.

All and all some great additions at very little cost. Those chairs are reasonable and comfortable! Great for a beach house!

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Anonymous said...

Comfortable looking chairs for spending a cool morning reading the Washington Post! When do you head back? We go to Houston the end of the month. Hard to leave here.