Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun and Games - Labor Day Weekend in Maine

Some of the kids on the top of the tower on Mount Battie- great view of Camden harbor- another gorgeous day!!!

Mary and her girls - Jim and his girls- enjoying their hike to the top of Mount Battie.

Pete and Kerry ready to dive in the bay in their wetsuits!!! Brrrrrrrrrr.......

Nora and Pete party on ....... We love a good dance competition!!!

Peter and Buster - any resemblance??????

The group at Young's Lobster pound- getting ready to enjoy a delicious dinner!!!

Lobster ....Yum.....

Anne and Sally - creatures from the black lagoon.....

Enjoying a fun happy hour on the dock!

Some of the treasures from the deep........

The kids enjoy riding on top of the boat- well some of the kids - Nora got better after her initial fear!!

All the kids pose in a ski lift on the dock at Castine- ready for lunch.

Sally, Mary and Mary pose with their sunglasses onboard the boat! Lookin' good!

Marla and CR enjoy the gorgeous weather and fun day on board the WindHorse. They are Navy friends of 30 plus years!!! Marla and I delivered Meghan and Mollie days apart in Virginia Beach General Hospital!!! These babies are now 30 years old!!!! With babies of their own!!!

The view from the back of our boat... What a gorgeous day on Penobscot Bay!!!

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