Friday, June 12, 2009

Upstairs - what's left to do

Here is the next room we will be working on - it will only take a removal of a border - hopefully the glue will not be as hard to remove as the previous room. I want to paint this with a more wedgewood blue to match the oriental rug and new valances.

The servant's bathroom will need a lot more work- I want to bead board the walls about 3/4 of the way up from the floor. White bead board is what I am leading towards. We also need to tile the floor.

This room is the linen room and should be pretty easy- requires only paint- lots of woodwork though and that is time consuming !!

Our Master suite will be a pain I imagine- lots of wall paper removal and then paint walls and wood work!!! I think by this time we will be hiring a professional - George may have had enough!

Moira's room- another painful job- tons of wallpaper and major ceiling repair- hopefully most of the heavy ceiling repair will be done this week or next by the professionals!!

The sleeping porch will require just paint and no wallpaper removal but we will have a job with the floor- complete removal of the floor tiles and then maybe tile???? Who knows- I think I would like wood but with the windows opening from floor to ceiling maybe a nice tile would do the trick- Oh and new screens made for all the windows!!! No more birds flying in when the windows are open!!!

GJ's room needs complete removal of paper and then a paint job!

The stand alone bath looks cute in this pix but we know it will be a job and a half with removal of the paper- painting and tile work- if I had my way a shower stall would be installed too as we could really get much more use out of this bathroom with a shower- now it is exclusively used for kid' baths!!!

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