Friday, June 12, 2009

Painting begins

We have started to paint a few rooms in the servant's section of the house. We decided that it wouldn't be too difficult since there is only a border in a few of the rooms and to take that small amount of wallpaper down would be a cinch! Not quite. George spent more than a few hours scraping the old glue that was left after the "1980's" border was removed. I shudder to think what the amount of work it would take to remove the rooms completely covered in wallpaper!

Grandson Gabey's room pre-painting. No border here but George had to prep the walls and make sure any cracks were repaired.
Here it is all done- love the color- it is more periwinkle blue. Needed a brighter color for a little boys room!!!

Here is the guest room after George painted- lots of clean up required. This color is actually gray-but has a definite blue tone when on the wall.

George working on his prep- over and over he found and repaired cracks- also on the ceiling!

Final product is gorgeous- love the gray tone and it is amazing how clean and new the room feels- now we just have 5 more bedrooms and the rest of the house to paint!!!! What a project!! But bit by bit we are getting it done!!!

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photomes said...

gabey's room looks great! the color makes the floors pop! :) great job dad! (okay, mom too!)