Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peggy's Excellent Car Rack adventure

Peggy Norris' car seemed to have a problem tonight getting into the garage - apparently it was a little too high with the rack to clear the garage ceiling!!! She got stuck !!!

It's quite a nice landrover but she needs to keep it in the country - city driving is not for her!!!

Peggy and Marcia after we told the group about her adventures!!!!

Most of this group was behind Peggy in line at the garage!!! We all thought it was pretty funny - luckily she found a spot right out front!!! It seems Peggy has an adventure every year at the ADI party!Last year she lost her car keys and spent the night in the lobby of the Hotel George! Adventure seems to follow Peggy eveywhere she goes!!! Thats why she is the star of this blog post!!!

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