Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Love and Basketball, It's Teamwork That Wins

There was a great article in today's Washington Post about Moira's former High School Basketball Coach- see article below:

I sent him a congratulatory email and he sent back the kindest note! Below see the two emails:

My Note:

What a great article in today's Wash Post! You both look great and it was so nice to see such a positive article during the competitive bball season!

Glad to see things are going so well for you and Val. You have certainly made an impression on many high school players - Moira is coaching AAU girls bball with Andrea Lamas also from PVI.

Congrats on the great article and best wishes for both of you on a successful season! Maybe Moira and I will make it out to a game at PVI this season.

Marcia Smith
former PVI mom
still mom to Moira Smith (one of your former PVI captains)

His very kind reply:

Hi Marcia!
Thanks so much for the e-mail. It is great to hear from one of my favorite mom's and players. I still have the picture of Mo, Alli, Deb, and Meisha on my fridge. I think of Mo often and wish i could put her toughness, heart, and character into some of my current players. I would love to have you all come to game and will not accept Mo not sitting on the bench as a special guest. I would like to have her speak to the kids about leadership and hard work as she was the example of both. Please pass on my wishes to her and thoughts. Happy holidays.Thanks so much again for the e-mail

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