Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm Back!

It's been forever but since I have a week to myself I thought I'd better update for this summer in Maine. I've been back in Maine since Memorial Day weekend. Great fun great weather! We've already had one set of guests - had loads of fun and loads of lobster! July should be chocker block full with guests every week and even some overlap. So much for updating blogs.

One of my ongoing issues have been flowers. So far the window boxes are flourishing this year!

It's still early and I hope they will start cascading and show a better view from the ground.

They look great from above- when I look down on them from the window but still need to hang down some.  I am pleased with the color- funny that less is more- these are all just petunias - less exspensive than other plants.

The view out the bedroom window.

Have been fertilizing them with special bloom fertilizer that Alyssa my flower lady got me this year!

However the urns out front have a ways to go! Still not too many blooms but always hope that a month or so from now they will be growing strong!  Stay tuned!   

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