Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 Flowers flowers everywhere!!!    This year we have had some success with our window boxes but we are not anywhere near perfect yet- The water side boxes did much better than the front of the house. I think that's all about the sun. So much sun in the front the swedish ivy just went crazy and really crowded out all the other colorful plants.

You can see how much more colorful the window box is under the awning versus the monotone color of the upper boxes.  

 Here is that Swedish Ivy that crowded out everything else- it certainly grew like crazy and does hang beautifully.

 This mandevilla plant is a true success in the urns on either side of the front entry. It grows like a weed and is colorful and boom heavy. This will be repeated next year!

 Here is a close up of the boxes on the water side - that coleus is positively huge and does a great job- I think next year I want the coleus to be of the pink variety - more color is our goal.  The biggest problem with our window boxes is that they are so high up! You really can't see them from the street - they look great as you look down on them from the window but we are always judging them from their street view.

A subdued color palette is NOT what we want - this is how the front boxes looked at the end of the summer! Goal for next year is bright colors!  We'll try harder! 


Penny said...

Good luck. I am missing the gardening gene.

Mandy Oviatt said...

Your Home and yard look amazing!