Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the Middle of a Mid-Winter Project

This was our pantry before the start of the project. The previous owners cut the archway in the cabinets in order to open up the view through the lobster room down to the water. Great idea that worked beautifully- one thing that didn't work however was the painting of the original wood cabinets and the covering of the wood counter tops with a cheap laminate.  The color of the window trim was what we were going for.  Michael, our painter, spent last winter stripping and sanding the cabinets. Then he worked on staining them to match the trim.  He did a fabulous job.  Now to work on the counter tops!

Surprise surprise - when we pulled up the laminate we saw a fabulous tin sink hidden underneath.  The drain lines that come out of the sink were a nice surprise too! They add a decorative touch to the counter.

 A little closer look- quite a bit of work to sand and stain.  Michael needs to get to busy :)

Will be needing to pick out a faucet and get to work on polishing the tin.

 Now in February he has done a lot of sanding - the wood really looks fabulous. Now we have to wait until he starts the staining - all we have is these small pictures as we haven't been up to Maine since Christmas.  By spring we will see a big difference.  We also have to remove the bottom cabinet doors on either side of the sink to install drawer dishwashers. We thought that would solve the problem of the very low height of the counter. A regular size dishwasher doesn't fit under this 100 year old counter!

 Can we pretend that this is what we are going for ??? Maybe not so fancy but we are trying.

One thing I have planned is to replace the very boring tiles with something along these lines. Black and white check floor will really jazz it up!

Stay tuned for the spring update - I can't wait!!!


Unknown said...

That sink is just magnificent - what a terrific surprise to find under crappy formica. Can't wait to see the finished countertop/sink

Penny said...

Wow. That sink is going to be beautiful. I know you are anxious to get back to see the progress.