Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Just back from a great trip to Tampa Clearwater Beach area of Florida. Spent 9 days in the sun and on the water. Great weather and a great time. This sunset seen every night from our balcony of the Hyatt Clearwater Beach. We had a great 2 bedroom suite with fabulous views.

Took a lengthy hike down the beach at Fort DeSoto State Park- considered one of the best beaches in the world- we arrived around 4pm- great time to walk the beach.

Chartering a boat was a great idea- we anchored off "One Tree" island and did some swimming- or jumping off the boat- Moira did a great dive!

 Nora turning 8 years old on the trip - can really do great dives too!!!

 Here I am with my brother Rich and his son Rory- quite the boat captain!

The whole crew on our Pontoon boat- the Tampa Bay area is great for boating.

Even the real "Captain" had a great day on the water.

Moira had a quick fun getaway from the pressures of work in Washington DC!!!

My brother Rich and his family on Easter morning at brunch with wife Mary, Rory almost 14, Kerry 10 and Nora on her Easter birthday is 8 years old!

Great time with this crowd- fun fun fun!!!!!


Penny said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I like the idea of putting pretty stools around your table along with books and seasonal florals.

jamesfrac said...

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