Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Day in the Country...

Well what a fun time we had a few weeks before Christmas - Kip, Nan, Nan's daughter Lauren and I ventured out of the city to Upperville, Virginia trying to find this fabulous little gem of a store. Because of our obsession with blogs especially decorating blogs we were alerted to to this great store.

Matthews House and Garden - is an adorable renovated church in Upperville . We traveled out from the District through Middleburg and kept on driving - we came upon this charming shop.

How about this tree- covered in vines next to the shop-creates unbelievable shadows on the shop's main building. English Manor landscaping leads to the front door.

Close up of this statuary nativity scene greeting guests as they make their way up the path to the front door.

Other statuary is placed around the shop but this nativity scene really sets the mood for unusual Christmas decorating.

Double front doors adorned in wreaths welcome customers to the shop/church! Love the pastel blue with the white - unexpected.

Nan, Kip and Lauren admire the landscaping and use of miniature trees and cabbage - great color for a winter day.

As you enter the shop on the left a beautiful array of herbs and plants on a wire stand.

An array of goodies to buy as soon as you walk in! The aroma of evergreen was everywhere- smart marketing as we all bought the Thyme candles fraser fir scent. We were also greeted with "Would you like a cappuccino??" The owner and decorator Wanda Crossley was making her first pot of the day- What a delight she was!!! A big fan of blogs she was so interested in our story and our little blog!

Nan and Lauren giggle as I run around and take shots- How beautiful are the trees -simply lit with white lights.

This area of the shop is my favorite- great light and blue and white accessories make this "pulpit" area of the shop just shine!

Again the simple trees add a festive touch. I think the wall on the right is bare because Kip bought all 4 of the fabulous sketches that were framed and hanging there. Gorgeous acorn/leaf prints that will look fabulous in her house!

You can see in this photo how great the natural light is streaming in the large windows.

What a gorgeous piece! Many light woods and slipcovered pieces are featured at Matthews House and Garden. Wanda told us to check back often as her inventory is always in flux- as soon as Kip bought her prints, Wanda's partner was busily reorganizing and hanging new prints!

Fabulous entry as you walk in - what a wall unit - everything looks totally in scale - but this is a huge space!

As we head out to find a fun place for lunch - Can't wait to get back here and visit again- Wanda mentioned all the great garden pieces they get in during the spring months. We will return - fabulous shop - fabulous people and we had a fabulous time-

If you are in the area- check it out - you will NOT be dissapointed!!!

Matthews House and Garden
9160 John Mosby Hwy in Upperville, VA (540.592.7147)
Tue- Sat 10 to 5

Also thanks to "My Notting Hill" blog for alerting me to this great store- check out her great photos and insights!


La Petite Gallery said...

That is a devine shop. You must have had a great time.
I like your post.

Yvonne in Rockland Maine

Penny said...

What a great find. I love shops like this. My passion for decorating is as strong as my passion for cooking. Looking forward to more of your finds.

Wanda said...

Hi Marcia, It was great meeting you guys! I love your energy! Thank you posting Matthews...the pictures are great. Wanda