Monday, October 19, 2009

Up to Maine for the weekend!!!

Well I forgot the camera in DC and George and I spent the last 3 days getting the house ready for the cold weather! Well George did all the work and I watched all my DVR'd shows I hadn't seen yet and pouring over my favorite decorating blogs!!

These blogs are truly the magazines of the future- or the now for some of us. I actually am totally enthralled by them and it is and addiction - you start on one and find many more linked to the others- Thought I would list a few of my absolute favorites!!! My true #1 - all others bow to her- Joni links to so many of the great ones that starting with her blog you truly could spend the afternoon!!! Room Service and Decorating 101- great pix of decorating and sometimes even stars homes!! Fabulous blog on the renovation of a home on the ocean in Italy - spent many hours pouring over this interesting blog Great blog on a renovation of a farmhouse in New Hampshire- love the New England slant!

Decorating isn't the only thing that occupies my days- food and cooking blogs are fascinating too!! Here is a couple of my Favs... So easy - great photos and great how to's- her whole life is fascinating and she is so funny - her writing cracks me up!! Great recipes and great writing Great photos and she just had a baby- so interesting - lives in NY - love reading her blog.

Well - this is how I spent my last 3 days - Poor George - working like a dog - what a good guy- The house is well battened down for the winter - we are back to DC tomorrow and then we will return for the Thanksgiving holiday!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!

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Penny said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Especially like the layout(LOL). You live in two beautiful places just like me.