Sunday, July 5, 2009

How George spent his summer vacation

George has been a busy boy these last 10 days while he was up at the house from DC. He had a lot of projects and completed nearly all of them.

Thought I would update you all with the results.

Here he is working on his last day of this vacation- priming the back porch- the final painting will have to wait until his next trip up to Maine at the end of the month.

The lobster room- freshly painted in Benjamin Moore's "guestroom"- a warm butterscotch. The plasterer did a heroic job on this ceiling and walls - quite a mess from a leak in the roof that was fixed last summer.

Right above the sconce is where the worse leak damage was- looks great now. This color was taken from the mat board on one of the prints I had framed this year.

The butler's pantry and kitchen, below, have been painted as well. This color - though similar to the one in the lobster room- is called "toasted sesame seed" by Benjamin Moore. I think it blends well and is just a shade more yellow than the lobster room.

The color was a pale mint green before and I think this bolder color goes well with the wood work. We hope to eventually get rid of the white painted cabinets and bring everything back to its original stained wood.

After the art work and posters were hung it really blended well with the walls. Can't get over how much better I like it than the old mint green.

Gosh this looks messy - someday we will redo the whole kitchen and get these cut up rooms blended into a more streamlined kitchen. Can't wait to spend a cool 75 thousand on that!!! Will definitely need an expert on kitchen design.

Well kudos to George on a job well done- never fear readers- lots more projects to document!!!

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