Friday, April 3, 2009


We arrived at night and this was the view poolside looking up at our retro hotel!

Enjoying a cocktail poolside- before dinner.

Dinner at 25 degrees - a great hamburger joint! Fabulous sweet potato fries.

Starbucks by the pool in the am - after a workout.

You can just "see" Kirsten Dunst jumping in the pool.

Graumann's Chinese Theater - across the street from our hotel.

Will Smith has huge feet!

Lunch at the Ivy on Robertson Blvd.

It was a gorgeous day and our roasted veggie salad was delish!!!!

Looking out onto the patio from inside the Ivy.

The gorgeous Provence feel of the restaurant.

The famous Hollywood sign.

Bob Barker's- from the Price is Right- house.

We didn't get a chance to have a drink by the pool - next trip.

The wardrobe trailer of the tv show "The Mentalist".

Greystone was once the largest mansion in the US - built for Doheny, the oil baron's son- it is used by many for film shoots - tv and movies.

Right this way- no sign of Simon Baker though- darn!

Our hotel!!!

Relaxing poolside - Anne and Mary.

Orange tree outside Stella McCartney's gorgeous store.

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