Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dancing with the Stars!

Well here we are online for our big night! Let me tell you the excitement was incredible. Live show at 5pm pacific time. We had no idea at this time where we would be sitting. Anne, Mary and I are dressed for the evening...

Snapped this shot as we were walking into the studio- Carrie Ann's parking spot!

The line moved swiftly as we entered.

We had to give up our cell phones and cameras so at the end of the show - we walked around to pick up our checked items and chatted with this security guard- we had special wrist bands that let us into the family of the stars party. We took a ton of photos and chatted with all the dancers and stars! What fun!

Tony and Melissa- they are great- I think they have a good chance to win! Love Tony!!!

Julianne Hough and boyfriend Chuck get interviewed!

Jewel was so sweet.

Marissa Janet Winokur-from last season was interviewing for TV guide.

Denise Richards and Maksim...

Chelsea Hightower, Jewel and her husband Ty were so sweet and posed for a photo- we also chatted with Ty's parents - so nice.

Here is the photo of the night- Anne just loves Maksim- and is is a doll- Don't you think she looks thrilled!!!

Anne and Mary at AOC - fabulous tapas restaurant - if you look closely that is Laura Linney's nose in Anne's hair!!! She was sitting at the next table.

Mary and Marcia- still discussing the exciting night!!!! We had a blast.

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